Tokyo, revisited

We returned to Tokyo last week for a final family vacation. Previously it was one of the places we thought was the least kid-friendly to visit, but for several reasons we decided to give it one last go. We had two days visiting traditional Japanese sights, and two days at Disneyland.

I made the smart decision to do the carseat/car restraint route and use taxis to and from the airport instead of the subway. While the Tokyo subway is efficient, clean, and very large, it is not easy with strollers and certainly not feasible with luggage and strollers. We made a valiant effort to make the city work but after several kid meltdowns, one waiter requesting that my laughing kids keep quiet, and a rain storm, we decided to cut our losses and head to the Disney resort early.

What a difference a hotel can make. We stayed at the Sheraton that is on the monorail but not technically on Disney property. It had an arcade and play zone for the kids, a laundromat, mini golf, kids pool, and a kids area at the buffet. It was paradise. And the room had four beds!

Disneyland Japan is worth a visit (although I have to say I enjoy the Disneyland Shanghai park and hotels a little bit more) and Disney Sea is absolutely awesome. Disney Sea is a super cool and creative park that we would go back to anytime. So, while my mother-in-law didn’t see much of authentic Japan, we had a great family trip to Disneyland. Proving once again that at this stage of life, kid-friendly is the only way we can travel right now.

I hope my husband and I can enjoy Japan sans kids someday… I still have not had my fill of sushi and ramen! But if we had to end our Asian travels somehow, I think Disney is the perfect way to do it.

Next up—travel in and around the US, which is a total breeze compared to what we’ve done the past three years.

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