The holiday hurry-up

The end of the year always brings with it the anticipation of family holidays, the rush to see friends at holiday parties, and the excitement of opening presents with little ones. As an expat, I feel a need to hurry up and get into the holidays even more than I did when I lived at home. Nothing makes me miss home more than Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year, we are lucky to have some wonderful Friendsgiving events right here in Shanghai, and then just a short week later we board a plane headed home for the end of the year.

I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that we’re truly settled here in Shanghai or just that all our big family trips were earlier this year, but the draw towards home has been strong for over a month now. We haven’t been home to see family in 6 months, and the time away is wearing on me. We have had a wonderful and exciting year, but the thing I want most right now is to be back at my childhood home seeing people that I haven’t seen in months or even a year.

This year, we are doing a big trip around the US to see people. Four weeks, four states, and a whole lot of chaotic fun. Last year after being home for five weeks I was eager to get home to our life here, but this year I just can’t see that happening. It’s probably just my pre-holiday perspective, though.

Does anyone else feel this crazy pull towards family during the holidays, or is it just me?

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