Holiday loneliness

Today is the 4th of July in the US, typically one of the most fun weeks of the summer as people skip work and spend time with friends and family at BBQs, fireworks shows, and town parades. Here in China, it’s just Wednesday. Due to several life circumstances (new baby, traveling husband, best China friend recently repatriated), I have no one to celebrate the holiday with from afar.
Of course, it’s just one day and it’s not the end of the world. But it makes you realize that when you leave home there are just some things you will miss out on. It’s a fact of this life. I initially realized this during our first Thanksgiving away from home. I tried to make a big deal out of a special Thanksgiving meal we would have on a trip to Singapore, but everything fell apart. My son wouldn’t cooperate, the restaurant was in a dodgy part of town, and I just missed home. I have tried hard to look at the positives of being an expat, but sometimes it’s just sad to miss out.
What have you missed from your home country that you couldn’t replicate here?

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